About Joy

first photo ever
Joy is this little girl.
After a detail scan early in my pregnancy, we were told by doctors that she could turn out to be abnormal in some way. We agonized over it and eventually realized that we still do want our little girl, healthy or otherwise. I spent 44 hours giving birth to her but it was worth every secoond of pain and every risk I took.

various sleeping poses whilst drunk on milk
Often, I catch myself thinking "She must be the most precious little thing that ever existed in this world, ever." I adore her so much, I am certain that my heart is about to burst. This is such a cliche, but some days, I really wish that she would stay little.
very expressive
Who knew? Turns out, she is quite a comedian! Always producing the most unexpectedly comical reaction to random things. The little girl exemplifies the best of all baby traits when she is in a good mood and the reverse is also true. Every facet of her personality is precious to me, I can't wait to get to know her better as she grows up.
what was she dreaming about?
She's still a little human but I am already imagining how it would be like to bring her on excursions, picnics, travel. We will spend all our time together, cooking, baking, painting, reading, singing and have glorious parties! It'll be fun! I can also imagine her sitting beside Daddy in front of the playstation, lost to the world. :)
So congratulations! You'll be seeing a lot of her on this blog! Don't worry, it's a good thing. Please enjoy the cuteness x infinity!
my little imp


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